What's up guys,

You're friendly neighborhood spider-man here. Welcome to Komatoast! I definitely hope you'll enjoy my fresh perspectives on art, music, fashion, and all the little clouds of culture that rain down on this crazy little virtual world called the internet.

Why start a blog?

After many years of being a connoisseur of culture, and a curator of art through the receptacles known as my five senses, I realized that, as humans, we owe it to each other to share our perspectives with one other in order to grow and to benefit. The world is a massive place and only through our stories and experiences can we find a common ground and understanding. Yes I know, blogging on the bane of virtual human intelligence aka the internet may not be the most noble way of reaching people on a "human" level, however I feel that the best energy is a positive energy and I hope, through my path and my words, I can make those I touch through this blogosphere a little less comatose...

Love & Light

From yours truly,

The One Melodic Dreamer known as JP