"Sanctuary for me, is those few hours without any people where I can get lost in creation, lost in melody and rhythm, and travel the drum track to a new dimension outside myself."

Ever since I could remember music has been a key part to my sanity. When I was a kid I'd explore the melodic capabilities of the piano by hitting notes and seeing which ones went together. Now I compose full songs and vibes that take me outside myself, and allow me travel someplace other than this plane that we call "reality". For me, that's what creating and making music is all about, getting inspired and making something that can allow you to lose yourself, even if for a brief moment.  

WAVES is my newest rhythmic journaling creation. Inspired by the sound waves I've been taken in lately, it is a high energy, bass heavy culmination of all of the experiments I've done so far on soundcloud for the past few years.  WAVES is essentially what I like to call “Wavy Trap” or “Dream Bass” which means it has elements of hip-hop as regards to rhythm and percussion but the elements of melody are ethereal and exude feelings of ecstasy.

The creative process for the project all stemmed from my trip to Iceland this past November. The landscapes, the people, the city and architecture of  Reykjavík gave me the needed inspiration and peace of mind to want to create something (see Iceland of Fire & Brimestone for more about my Icelandic excursion).

I usually take a mini production rig with me anywhere just in case I feel inspired to create. Most times I feel like Gene from Bobs Burgers carrying around a midi keyboard and laptop. Pretty sure he's my spirit cartoon character.  

The first moment I decided to channel some of the inspirational, recharged creative fuel I harnessed from being in Iceland, was on the plane ride back to America. There’s something about being in transit that relaxes me and puts me in a mood to create, not quite getting where you're going, but knowing you’re going somewhere. 

I set up my laptop, opened my DAW of choice Logic Pro X and started feeling out some chords. 

Forever was the first track I recorded in the spirit of what later became WAVES. The esoteric, swelly, glidey, pitch-bended chord progression that carries on through most of the record is in my opinion its most defining feature. My flight back to the states was not the smoothest, lots of rain and wind over the atlantic, and the plane I was in was pretty small so I felt every bit of turbulence that occurred. That environment definitely had something to do with the off kilter, off center feel of how I processed my main chord progression. Not to get too philosophical but I believe that humans are creatures of feelings, vibes and energy, and we all have the potential to soak up whatever environment we're in, and channel that energy into a pen, a keyboard, or whatever ... Something I live by as a creator. 

"Forever" for me is about my love affair with music. How being “tapped in” musically, is a euphoric, spiritual experience, that can literally teleport you to another realm, where human mundanity and societal norms mean nothing. How one can develop a longing for such a space, the dream, the place of peace and not ever desire to return to the world known as “reality”.

Those outer-worldly, transcendent experiences of channeling melody and rhythm through my fingers on the keys, or feeling one with the bass in a dance club, may only last a few moments in time and space of this physical plane, but how I wish they could somehow last forever.

This very notion is the reason why electronic dance music holds such a special place in my heart. I’ve frequented many a dance club in the course of my life, and I’ve always experienced that moment of being one with the sound, and getting lost in the story of melody. I love how in electronic dance music, vocals or top-line aren’t entirely necessary to experience a journey through sound, which is what I wanted to portray with WAVES.  

The vision behind WAVES as regards the writing / compositions is of elemental origin. When you listen to each song, you'll notice a A (start point) to B (build / rise) to C (top point / climax) to B (the return) to A (end point) format for each track which forms a triangle as regard the story. For example : The story arch for Oasis in minute markers is… 

A :00 - 1:08 (start point)

B 1:08 - 2:16 (build / rise)

C 2:16 - 3:12 (top point / climax)

B 3:12 - 4:07 (the return) 

A 4:07 - 4:30 (end point)

The corresponding elemental quality for each composition is as follows: 

  1. Forever ( A i r )

  2. Oasis ( W a t e r )

  3. Champions ( T e m p e s t )

  4. Apex ( F i r e )

I want to thank everyone who’s been a part of, and supported my musical journey over the years. Especially my parents who’ve had to hear all the various types of music I’ve recorded. 

For all you creators and music production heads, here is a synopsis of the gear I used to create WAVES


Logic Pro X

Synths VSTs




Re-Sampling & Drum Programming




Ozone 7


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