Visceral, Human, Mesmerizing, Powerful, Energetic, Emotional, Beautiful...

The very first time I had the privilege of laying my eyes on this captivating moving art, it took my breathe away and I had no words. Now, about a year later, after discovering the video on Nowness, I feel like I need to pay homage in some way, on this global internet nostalgia / contemplation day of the week also known as "Throwback Thursday". 

Marcus Ortega, also known as Lorn is an electronic producer / musician from the midwest who I've followed for quite some time. If Flying Lotus is a Jedi Master then Lorn is his equivalent as a Sith Lord overall sound and aesthetic. His dark, intense, drone like synths, matched with heavy, full drums and percussion, have made me a fan since his debut album, Nothing Else back in 2010. He has certainly come a very long way since that release, scoring in sci-fi films like Neill Blomkamps' Elysium

At the UK MVA's Acid Rain was selected as the "Best Dance Music Video" back in 2015. The choreography, movements captured in reverse and the grainy tone, made for a truly unique visual experience. Shoutout to all who participated in the project. 

Cast: Kayla Frails, Jacqueline Ann LeWarne, Morgan Ceely, Emily James, Val Rockey
Directors: Pavel Brenner, Julian Flores, Sherif Alabede
Producer: David Olano
Creative Adviser: Affonso Beato
Creative Adviser: David Bouza
Director of Photography: Pavel Brenner
1st AD: Francisco Mendez
1st AC: Luisa Betancur
2nd AC: Ariel Spahn
Gaffer: Chico Francisco
Grip & Electric: Ignacio Sepulveda Barrientos
Grip & Electric: Kane Wang
Grip & Electric: Joey Xu
Editor: Pavel Brenner
Makeup Artist: Carla Rosso, Stephanie Ruiz de Chávez
SFX: Chelsea Pickens
Choreography: Winkee Krick
Colorists: Dylan Dugas, Pavel Brenner

Also check out the gorgeous Cyberpunk influenced game trailer for The Last Night that features 'Acid Rain'!